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Helping Hapless Helped A Girl (Bachno)

Helping Hapless Helped A Girl...

Helping Hapless helped a girl (Bachno) and bring her back India from Saudi Arabia. She was stuck
Helping Hapless Helped 2 Guys

Helping Hapless Helped 2 Guys

Helping Hapless helped 2 guys and bring them back India form Malaysia jail. All kudos goes to H
Helping Hapless Team Met With Guys Who Were Stuck

Helping Hapless Team Met With...

Helping Hapless team met with guys who were stuck in Italy. They said travel agent took 5 lac. fr
Helping Hapless Will Talk With Sushma Swaraj

Helping Hapless Will Talk With...

Helping Hapless will talk with Sushma Swaraj regarding the some punjabi guys who stuck in Jordan.
 Plants Are Most Helpful Resource To Make Atmosphere Clean - HelpingHapless

Plants Are Most Helpful Resou...

HelpingHapless Team plants approx 100+ plants on different locations.  Plants are a mos
HelpingHapless Is Helping A Girl Against Her In-laws

HelpingHapless Is Helping A Gi...

HelpingHapless is helping a girl against her in-laws 
Sent A Letter To Sushma Swaraj

Sent A Letter To Sushma Swaraj

Amanjot Kaur Ramoowalia & HelingHapless team sent a letter to Sushma Swaraj. We sent a l
Helping Hapless Met With Shah Mohamad's Family

Helping Hapless Met With Shah...

Helping Hapless team met with Shah Mohamad's Family. Shah Mohamad died in a road accident. He
HelpingHapless Saves One Guy Life And Brings Him Back India From Saudi Arabia.

HelpingHapless Saves One Guy L...

HelpingHapless saves one guy life and brings him back India from Saudi Arabia. His name is Kuldee
Helping Hapless Helps Bring Back Young Girl Being Tortured In Dubai For Last Four Months

Helping Hapless Helps Bring Ba...

Helping Hapless Saved a Girl Miss Heena ( Name Changed ) who was being held captive in Dubai agai
Helping Hapless Wrote A Letter To Sushma Swaraj

Helping Hapless Wrote A Letter...

Helping Hapless wrote a letter to Sushma Swaraj & request to talk with Saudi Arabia governmen
Our Team Brings Back Two Boys From Belarus Who Were Duped By Travel Agents And Stranded There For Months.

Our Team Brings Back Two Boys...

Our Team at Helping Hapless brought two Punjabi Youth who were Duped by Travel Agents and Strande
Chandigarh Press Conference To Get Justice From The Court

Chandigarh Press Conference To...

Helping Hapless is with students who are fighting a case against fraud travel agent (Arvinder) wh
Helping Hapless Helping 39 Guys Being Held Captive By ISIS In Iraq.

Helping Hapless Helping 39 Guy...

Helping Hapless helping 39 guys being held captive by ISIS in Iraq.
Helping Hapless Is Helping Thousands Of Punjabi Youth Left Stranded By Fraud Travel Agents

Helping Hapless Is Helping Tho...

Helping Hapless is helping thousands of Punjabi youth left stranded by fraud travel agents 
Helping Hapless Welcomes Court Decision For Tough Laws Against Travel Agents.

Helping Hapless Welcomes Court...

Helping Hapless welcomes court decision for tough laws against travel agents.